Friday, 19 September 2014

September 21... major climate change protests in New York City and around the globe...

September 21, 2014.... major climate change protests will occur in New York City and around the globe... including here in Ames, Iowa... and in Delhi, India... Dr Ram Sharma and I have been involved in climate change issues as well....

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Save Maa Ganga...

There is prophecy that in Kaliyug Ganga Maiyya will disappear and return to its place. We are seeing it now. Due to global warming and uncontrolled conrete building , the glaciers are melting very fast. In hot season till June all glaciers melt and so there is flood in Ganges during these months . The situation becomes worse in rainy season . From October to March there will be no water in Ganges because there will be no glaciers or snow . The Ganges will become only seasonal river . AWAKE -------PEOPLE YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING . THESE FAKE BABAS AND SO CALLED MAAS ARE DOING NOTHING . They are busy in enjoying . JAI GANGA MAIYYA ------IF THERE IS NO GANGA MAIYYA ----THERE WILL BE NO BHARAT [ INDIA] -------SAVE GANGA --------------------------------------------------JAI GANGA MAIYYA -----------------------------------DR. RAM SHARMA

Monday, 14 July 2014

wake up... are we on the right track?

After cutting all the trees --vanishing all the species of nature and animals-----transforming holy earth into greedy concrete forest -----ARE WE ON THE RIGHT TRACK ----ARE WE PROGRESSING ------YES WE ARE PROGRESSING VERY FAST TOWARDS DESTRUCTION ----------------WAKE UP ---------------------------------WAKE UP CALL FOR YOU ALL-------------------------------------DR. RAM SHARMA

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Bear the greater responsibilities....

Many people say that they are in family responsibilities and they are doing all for their family and in this way authenticate their evil deeds . There is a story about Mahrishi Balmiki. Balmiki was a cruel robber . One day in the forest robber Balmiki arrested a saint and tied him . The saint asked him why he is robbing the gentle people. Balmiki said that he is doing this act for his family . The saint again asked `` Will your family members share the sin , you are earning in lieu of your heinous act.`` Balmiki told the saint that he had to go to his family members and ask about it.Balmiki asked his family members ` Will you share the sin that I am earning for your family responsibilities? `` The members answered that they would not and he would have to bear the burden of the sin alone . After returning from there , the robber Balmiki became Mahrishi Balmiki. ENLARGE YOUR THINKING -----BEAR THE GREATER RESPONSIBILITIES ---YOU HAVE GREATER RESPONSIBILITIES TOWARDS THIS MOTHER EARTH ---TOWARDS NATURE AND ALL --------OM --OM --OM -------------------------------------------DR. RAM SHARMA

Monday, 16 June 2014

Be a butterfly on the flower of love....

Is money all you want  and a life full of luxury ???? How is it possible until you care for others or love others ???? Do not plunder the resources of mother earth to enjoy your life with Self or for Self only . Come out of your cocoon and be a butterfly on the flower of love .------------------------

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Brave new world...

Flowers of clouds are floating
in the deep blue sky
i float above the clouds
the door of  a brave new world has opened for me
any vast dream has been awakened
where the time flies
i keep going in dark dim galaxy
many suns all around...
the rainbow has become my wings
here are the streams of colours
here are the fountains of love
whose breath are growing these trees of hopes
this new sky has become the new world

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Fires rage in San Diego county today...

Namaste friends... I am struck by the number of fires that rage in San Diego county today.  My hometown is San Diego,  and I am planning to move from Ames, Iowa back to San Diego next year when I officially retire from Iowa State University. It is certainly disturbing to see.  I am searching the web now to see whether any experts are connecting the dots between climate change and these intense fires.  I will update this posting as I do the research.-- Dr Carolyn Heising, Ames, Iowa USA
[PHOTO:  Dr Ram Sharma and Dr Carolyn Heising in Encinitas California January 2014... earlier this year... when there were no signs of out of control fires.  We are photographed here at the hermitage of our guru Paramahansa Yoganandaji.]  Governor Brown of California is linking the dots between climate change and these catastrophes  realtime map of all the nine fires blazing now in San Diego county